Deal desks are fast becoming popular in sales organizations who want to organize and speed up their sales process. The deal desk can assist the organization from the creation of a deal until the pricing and contract negotiations, some can even review and approve deals that pass through an organization.

Deal desks are led by director-level executive along with several managers and analyst working in various functions. Here the responsibilities of a deal desk:

Deal compliance structuring

This is managing the deal cycle process to enable sales representatives to focus on customer-oriented activities and develop new business opportunities. The deal desk can also handle non-standard deal approvals.

Contract management

This involves outlining contract terms and reviewing contracts, which may sometimes require the deal desk to work with the legal department.

Business analytics CRM

Through you’re the automated workflows, triggers and rules embed into your company’s CRM system the deal desk can determine which deals to look at. Aside from these by tracking the cycle time the deal desk can move the deal through quicker. By implementing metrics the deal desk’s success will be gauged by the sales organization.

Business analytics pricing

This indicates non-standard pricing and deal exceptions, and can sometimes manage and review standard price deals as well.

Account management

The deal desk can serve as the customer’s central point of contact for issue resolution. This will build the customer relationship and enhance the customer’s experience.

Deal desks are a great help to an organization but they don’t appear overnight. A deal desk must be established through a buy-in from key stakeholders and empowerment of the team through the support of executives. It is important to have the right leader with the right people in place. Above all, they must be a group with excellent internal relationship building skills, strong communication, and analytical capabilities.

Also, be realistic and don’t expect significant results for the first week; it takes some time to untangle the knots built up in your organization over time. If you want the deal desk to deliver favorable results you must clearly articulate boundaries and rules to them.