Month: June 2016

Effective Ways to be an Amazing Listener

Several great leaders share one thing in common. That is, they understand the value of active listening. They know that through active listening, one is able to get the most benefit from what others have to share. It also works vice versa. If you want to be heard and understood, you have to learn how to listen yourself first. Here are some effective ways to truly know how to listen that you can integrate into your conversational behavior: Be ‘in the moment’ Focusing your mental awareness is one of the effective ways to take in what someone is saying. Thus, push those distractions aside and give that person the gift of your attention. In other words, be ‘in the moment.’ Showing focus will make the speaker feel important and at the same time allows you to actually hear what he is saying. Ask the speaker to expand and clarify When having a conversation, try to look for those areas of interest where you can further inquire. It is okay to ask the speaker to expand and clarify a specific topic without derailing his or her train of thought. In so doing, the speaker will also appreciate such interaction, while you’ll gain better understanding of the person’s perspective. Establish follow-up Meanwhile, you can also discuss and find out if there are action steps required after the conversation. This will also help the speaker...

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What Mentally Strong People Avoid

Mental strength is comparable to any other skill, which takes time to develop. There may be a number of factors that play a role in an individual’s mental strength such as personality and life experiences. However, it is worth taking a look at the common things that mentally strong people avoid. Here are the following: Feeling sorry for themselves Mentally strong people know that they are responsible for their actions and outcomes. Thus, you don’t see them feeling sorry for their circumstances or dwell on the way they have been mistreated. They understand the fact that life is not fair in many instances. When faced with challenges, they are self-aware for the lessons that they have learned. Give away their power to other people Mentally strong people avoid giving other people the power to make them feel inferior or bad. They understand that their strength is in their ability to manage the way they respond, knowing that they are in control of their own actions and emotions. Pleasing others A mentally strong person tries to be kind and fair and to please others if it is necessary. However, they are not afraid to speak up. If someone will get upset with them, they know that they can withstand and navigate it, with grace wherever possible. Shy away from change Mentally strong people don’t avoid change. They embrace and welcome...

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